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Inside the airplane cabin - “If the book is good, is about something that you know, and is truly written, and reading it over you see that this is so, you can let the boys yip and the noise will have that pleasant sound coyotes make on a very cold night when they are out in the snow and you are in your own cabin that you have built or paid for with your work.”

Welsh poet David Whyte made the intriguing observation, "I don't want to have written on my tombstone, when finally people struggle through the weeds, pull back the moss, and read the inscription there, 'He made his car payments.'"

Whyte, like most of us, wants his life to matter. Even in some small way, most people want to make a difference and, at least to some degree, they want to be happy. But it doesn't just happen.

I am inspired by the story of Rose Nelson, told in Arnold and Barry Fox's book Making Miracles (Emmaus, PA: The Good Spirits Press, 1989). One can usually find a cheery smile on the face of the wheelchair-bound woman. Which is remarkable, given what happened. You see, Rose was brutally beaten by two drunk teenage boys who left her unable to walk. She was forced to sell her home after medical bills devoured her modest savings.

If anyone has reason to be resentful, it is Rose Nelson. But she will smile and say that she never even thinks of being bitter as long as her brain is working and she can think of love.

"How can you be so loving after what happened to you?" she was asked.

"Oh, my," she considered. "I could have dried up after the boys beat me. I was afraid I would. That's why I decided to be full of love and to give my love to everyone. The more I love everyone else, the better I feel. And the better I feel, the more I love the world. Love cured my fear."

Rose worked at love and happiness. It had to become a high priority if she was not to be consumed by her horrific experience. Yet anyone who wants peace or happiness or joy can learn from Rose. We must do more than just make the car payments. We must love and love and love some more. Rose learned to fill her mind with as much love as it would hold, and then gave it away at every opportunity.

Dr. Karl Menninger said this about love: "We do not fall in love, we grow in love and love grows in us." Let enough grow in you to fill you up and you'll be satisfied forever.

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