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Classic authentic collectors' Slyvanian friends figurines - “When you reread a classic, you do not see more in the book than you did before; you see more in you than there was before

Vincent Donovan (*Christianity Rediscovered*, Orbis, 1982) tells us that cruel slavers would go into the interior of Africa and capture men and women to sell on the slave market. They would march their captives to Zanzibar where the slaves boarded ships bound for the New World. En route, the newly acquired slaves were made to carry their captor's heavy loads. As evening approached on the long marches, the slavers shouted to their captives in Swahili, "Bwaga mizigo," which means, "Put down your burdens."

When the slaves finally reached the coast they laid down those burdens for the last time. There they boarded ships that took them away from their loved ones and their homeland forever. They called that place "Bagamoyo," from the words "bwaga" ("put down") and "moyo" (heart). Bagamoyo translates to "Put down your heart." In hopelessness and despair, they put down their hearts and boarded the slave ships.

We have all been to our own personal places of Bagamoyo -- places of despair. We have each felt like giving up at some time. And some people have felt so desperate they've wondered if they could ever go on.

Survivors learn important coping strategies when they find themselves in places of Bagamoyo. They learn the importance of action, for despair can paralyze. They learn to use their resources, including spiritual resources. And they refuse to believe that things will not change.

Survivors tenaciously cling to the belief that things can be different. They believe they have not reached the end. They believe tomorrow will come, and that their present feelings of hopelessness will eventually pass.

Jean Kerr said, "Hope is the feeling you have, that the feeling you have, isn't permanent." It is what you have when you know that you WILL eventually get through the agony and pain and feel sunshine once again. It does not deny the present darkness, but it reminds you that the dawn is coming.

When you believe in tomorrow, you can pick up your heart today. When you believe in tomorrow, you can move out of Bagamoyo and be happy again.

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