Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ideally every home should have rain barrels installed. That way water utility bills will be cheaper and natural rain water can be collected in rain water barrels and harnessed. The process of rain harvesting has been practiced since ancient civilizations and the fundamental mechanism for the process is still in use today. The 3 basic components that make up a generic rain harvesting system include the catchment area, the collection device and the conveyance system.The most widely used and readily available catchment areas are rooftop catchments. As for the collection device, a rain barrel is adequately suited for the job. Lastly the conveyance system to channel the rainwater collected on the rooftops to the rain water barrel can be constructed using rooftop gutters and down-pipes. One of the best places to find rain barrels for sale is SimplyRainBarrels.com.
They have the widest range of available rain barrel for sale like the Madison Rain Catcher in White and the Great American Rain Barrel. The designs of the rain water barrels are aesthetically pleasing and well suited for rain harvesting. Their prices are among the lowest in the market with additional discounts and free shipping offered on selected rain barrels. Backed by their Satisfaction Guarantee and 30 days No Hassle Return Guarantee, you can shop with a peace of mind at SimplyRainBarrels.com.

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Used Cargo Trailers said...

we get so much of rain that goes down the drain. why not we all try and save this water by rain water harvesting so that we could consume this water may be for washing clothes or utensils. There are many villages where there is no rain, farmers commit suicides so are youll on the line with me........


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