Sunday, August 29, 2010


Recently I have come across more cases whereby students prefer distance learning or e-learning over conventional classroom education. While there are pros and cons, a notable limitation to distance learning is the lack of one to one tutoring due to the sheer size and the asynchronous nature of each virtual class. One of the more frequent subject that suffers more from this is Pre Algebra.
It is easier to teach someone How to divide and Algebra equations during an interactive class of one to one rather than multiple to one. The same can be said for Standard form and Slope Formula. One of the better way to overcome this problem is to seek out personal tutoring. Personally I recommend online tutoring by TutorVista. Whether you are looking for solutions to Math Word Problems or honing your skills on a Math practice test, TutorVista has you covered. I have already gotten my cousin to sign up with TutorVista and ever since then she has been all smiles when it comes to her Math Word Problems.

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