Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just the other day my cousin was telling me about taking a day off to replant his Stevia herbs. He is the kind of guy who is into growing medicinal herbs to be used as remedies of sorts. He is the sole reason I started taking a comb of fresh Moringa oleifera leaves every morning as nourishment. His regular gardening method is by using outdoor planters and arranging them in a pleasant and accessible manner. Noticing the fact that he only uses one kind of outddor planter, I asked him about the reason behind it.
He told me that was the only kind he could find to be usable. In my reply, I recommended him to consider indoor gardening by using indoor planters. He was warming up to my recommendation and started looking for an indoor planter to test it out. I came across eplanters and told him about it. Nowadays my cousin frequents eplanters to look for outdoor planters and indoor planters that fit in his home gardening plans.

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