Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ceramic water fountain - “Friendship flourishes at the fountain of forgiveness.”

An American racing enthusiast entered his horse in Britain's famous
Epsom Downs Steeple­chase. Just before the race began, he slipped his
horse a white pellet. The Duke of Marlboro, who was serving as
steward, caught the owner in the act and objected. "I say, old man,
really you can't do that sort of thing over here!"

"Just a harmless sugar lump," the Ameri­can assured him. He gulped one
down himself. "Here, try one," he said.

The Duke took a pill, swallowed it, and seemed satisfied. As the
jockey mounted, the American whispered in his ear, "Son, keep that
horse on the outside and stay out of trouble, be­cause once he starts
running, there ain't nothing that can catch him...except me and the
Duke of Marlboro!"

Do you ever feel that way - running so fast that nothing can catch
you? Our busy and full lives are too often like that; we rush here and
hurry there. We eat fast food. We run our errands. We use e-mail and
put off reading our messages until we have the time. We hurry through
meals and can only give friends "just a minute." We live fast-paced
and anxious lives. Too often, we run so fast we lose our center.

But, in the end, it's not how fast you lived that matters, but how
well you lived. Are you tak­ing time to enjoy? Have you left enough
time for you? Is there time to listen to a friend or visit a relative
in need? Are you leaving time each day to nurture your faith?
Do you need to slow down? After all, the only race that matters goes,
not to those who run it quickly, but to those who run it well.

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