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People should never have to suffer loss alone. Yet, how do you comfort
those who hurt? I think that offering genuine comfort to another is
one of the most important things we can do for others. And sometimes
one of the most difficult.

Experts tell us, among other things, to simply say, "I'm sorry" or "I
love you." They warn us against trying explain away the death or loss;
against theologizing or philosophizing about it. Often, the less said,
the better, so long as you are present, you care and you listen.

American poet Edgar Guest told of a neighbor by the name of Jim
Potter. Mr. Potter ran the drug store in the neighborhood where Edgar
Guest lived. Their relationship was cordial, if not deep. Mostly they
smiled and exchanged greetings when they happened to see one another.

One tragic night the poet's first-born child died. He felt crushed and
overcome with grief. Several days after the death, Guest had reason to
go to the drug store run by his neighbor. When he entered, Jim Potter
motioned for him to come behind the counter.

"Eddie," he said, "I really can't express to you the great sympathy
that I have for you at this time. All I can say is that I am terribly
sorry, and if you need for me to do anything, you can count on me."

Many years later Edgar Guest reflected on that encounter. He said,
"Just a person across the way -- a passing acquaintance. Jim Potter
may have long since forgotten that moment when he extended his hand to
me in sympathy, but I shall never forget it -- never in all my life.
To me it stands out like the silhouette of a lonely tree against a
crimson sunset."

As the poet thought back to that unhappy time, one vivid memory of a
brief and genuine moment of comfort still lingered years later. It was
a moment that meant everything to a grieving father.

Those who comfort others bring no less than a piece of heaven to

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