Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Australia is a great place for travellers to visit. With its distinct history and rich culture, Australia has much to offer for the adventurous and sight seeing traveller.

Adelaide, also known as "The City of Churches", has plenty of historical architectures. Its rich festivals are sights to behold and visitors can sample its fine wine, arts and sports activities. Adelaide Hotels have great hospitality with warm homey feel. Visitors can easily check in into one of the many fine Hotels in Adelaide.
Brisbane is another notable city to visit in Australia. With its great cityscape and tourist attractions there is no end to the sights and sounds visitors can experience. Brisbane Accommodation is easy to find with many good hotels to choose from.

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Steven - Australian Immigration said...

I love the picture of the city. Well, one of the things that I have taken tons of pictures are not Koalas and the city but the beach and the kangaroos, although I only saw them at a zoo.... the beaches are just so clean and it makes the sky really blue. I hope that I can visit the country again soon.


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