Thursday, November 8, 2007


The United Kingdom or England is one of the world's oldest country with its world famous Royal Family. England has much to offer to travelers with its rich historical past and its present world landmarks.
No visit to England would be complete without including London in your travel plans. Being the capital city and the largest city in England, London is a major global city with world leading business, financial and cultural centres. With great sights and sounds to indulge in, travelers can easily check into one of the many fine Hotels in London during their visit.
Manchester, located north-west of London, is famous for its nightlife with nightclubs and DJ culture. In the West Midlands, there is the city of Birmingham which is a powerhouse during the Industrial Revolution. Birmingham offers great museums, galleries, parks and squares for travelers to relax and have a peaceful outing. Accommodation is not an issue as there are many Hotels in Manchester and Hotels in Birmingham to choose from.

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