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"Arizona Highways" magazine once reported a funny sign spotted at the Road Runner Market in Quartzsite, Arizona. A sign on the counter read:

"Your patience is appreciated. New electronic cash register. Same old ladies."

Apparently, the business machines were changing faster than the clerks! Which isn't to say that people can't change. They can. In fact, our greatest hope is birthed from knowing that we CAN change. We don't have to remain the same. Things can be different than they are.

Nobody can change your life. It is something only you can do. New and beautiful things await those who believe that things can be different.

I've known relationships to dramatically improve once the couple learned this simple axiom: "You can't change your partner; but your partner can change." We change because we want to and because we believe we can. There is great hope in that.

The unhappiest people change the least. They are not convinced they can start over! They often believe that they cannot truly be different and must continue leading unhappy lives forever. They should learn from snakes....

Snakes know about shedding the past and putting on something new. Old ways, old habits, old ideas and old attitudes don't fit forever. Once outgrown, we can shed them and grow into a new skin. (Ever thought you'd be learning a life lesson from a snake?)

Everything will be different when you are different. It begins with two indispensable ingredients - desire and belief. Those who WANT to shed the old skin and who BELIEVE they can, will make needed changes. And they will be happy.

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