Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I recently signed up for a free user account at Acobay as it has an interesting new concept to form its social network. Remember how you instantly build a rapport with other people who share similar interests with you? Well Acobay takes this factor and improvised it so that their social network is built on similar interests/items or "stuffs" that people own.

I find Acobay rather intriguing to use. I can brag and show off my stuffs to other users and in turn I can find other users who shares the same stuffs as I do. I have shared a dozen stuffs in various Acobay categories including Pet network, Computer network, Cell Phone network, Movie network and Website network. Here is a screen shot on Acobay showing the stuffs that I am sharing:

While currently Acobay is still in beta, it has much potential to be the next big thing in online social network. Users can engage in discussions about stuffs and view the most popular stuff on Acobay. My personal favorite is the hot stuff section where I can find the latest and hottest trends on Acobay. I hope to find more users who share the same stuffs (preferably figmas in the Toy network) as I do so do sign up and try Acobay for yourself.

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