Thursday, May 14, 2009


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It was the heart of winter. A raging blizzard left the white stuff piled 30 inches deep - and deeper where wind had blown it into drifts. We were stranded in our mountain cabin for days. But with schools and businesses all closed due to the storm, where would we go even if we could have left?

I shoveled heavy, wet snow all day long. My back, arms and shoulders ached. I shoveled more the next day. But while I shoveled, I thought, "I can either grumble all day long or use the time to learn important life lessons." So I gave thanks and learned a few things about tough times in the process.

First, I was thankful that we received much-needed moisture. Sure, it came all at once, but after the summer's drought it was needed more than ever. There is usually some good in every problem. Look for it.

Second, I was thankful I was able to work. I had good health and the fresh air probably did me more good than a typical sedentary day. Be thankful you can solve problems! Only dead people are without difficulties.

I was also thankful that the snow was temporary. Problems may come, but it helps to remember that they almost always pass, too. Months from now your problem may be no more than a distant memory.

Finally, I was thankful for neighbors who helped one another clear a road to their homes. Adversity brought us together. Too many weeks had passed without much more contact than a nod or a wave - but those days we talked. Can your problems bring you closer to other people?

You've got problems? Be thankful!

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