Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've been saving up money for the holiday season for the past few months. All that months of skimping on cinema tickets, eating out, clothes, itunes have been tough but totally worth it. Splurging on Christmas gifts have been one of my biggest weaknesses.

For months now, my colleague has been trying to get me to invest in the stock market. Having struck gold investing in choice counters, he has just placed the down payment on a beach front condominium unit. I've always been cautious when it comes to my finances, but there were times when I've been sitting at home watching reruns that i wished that I had the luxury of going out for a nice meal and the cinema.

My uncle suggested that I look into investing in gold. I haven't a slightest clue about what gold investing entails. I have some money in mutual funds, and even then it is because my neighbor needed to meet his quota for a particularly trying month. I just went with what he thought was a conservative enough fund.

I needed some advice on how to go about investing in gold but nobody I know seems to have dabbled in gold before. I had to turn to the internet. I found this helpful website which answers all my questions on how to go about investing in gold.

Hopefully the payoff would be good enough to make sure that I won't have to live like a hermit in the months leading up to the holiday season in a few years' time.

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