Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today is the eve of Chinese New Year. Most people would have finished with their spring cleaning to usher in the new year of the metal Rabbit. One of the areas that is usually overlooked is the state of the residential address plaques. In my case, I love bronze address plaques as they are more durable and require less cleaning to bring in fresh luck for the new year. Just now while driving around my neighborhood, I have seen some custom address plaques that need replacing.
Personalized address plaques are great if they are durable and long lasting. I must admit I am a sucker for anything that is low maintenance. I usually get mine on as their prices are the lowest around. I would definitely recommend them to my neighbors as I know a couple of them are interested in getting whitehall address plaques and gaines address plaques for their homes.

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Customized Address Plaques said...

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