Sunday, July 10, 2011


Recently it has become quite hard to find a stable form of financial investment. With the volatile stock markets and the ever so fluctuating oil prices the general outlook can be rather grim for most investors. Just the other day, my cousin, who majors in Economics and Business Studies, came by and I casually brought up the subject of investment. I asked him about the most stable form of investment that he would recommend and without hesitation he told me to buy gold bullion.
He explained to me that gold has always been one of the more stable form of investment compared to other market commodities. I have never consciously thought about bullion let alone gold bullion before this so it was an eye opener for me. I never actually ventured out to invest my money as I put the bulk of it in fixed deposit accounts. True to the idiom "never put all your eggs in one basket", I decided to buy bullion as my first effort in investment.

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