Thursday, October 6, 2011


Just the other day I met up with the manager from my previous job in the retail chain industry to catch up with each other. Both of us have moved on from that company in different directions but we still keep in touch when the opportunity presents itself. During dinner, we talked about the rising cost of living and how our salaries are not keeping up with the rapid change. While on the subject of possible side incomes to offset the living expenses, I jokingly mentioned online sports betting and to my surprise he was rather interested to the suggestion.

He is an avid fan of the NFL and NBA. Hence from that point onwards he carried on with the conversation for more than an hour talking about his love for the two sports. I listened intently to his explanation of the games and when he was done, I asked him why not to consider NBA betting since he is rather knowledgeable in the subject. I advised him to limit his budget on the endeavor and to have a clear mind when choosing which sides to place his money on. Since then, he told me generally he is making minor earnings from it but the risk is always there.

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