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A bouquet of flowers - Children in a family are like flowers in a bouquet: there's always one determined to face in an opposite direction from the way the arranger desires

Are you ready to be surprised? Life is full of surprises - to those
who are aware.

History records amazing coincidences in the lives of two of America's
founders - Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. You are aware that
Jefferson labored for two weeks writing the Declaration of
Independence. He showed his drafts to Adams and Benjamin Franklin, who
edited it, honed Jefferson's ideas and refined the document. When it
was finally finished, he brought it before the Continental Congress
for approval. And America remembers her birth date, of course, as July
4, 1776.

Jefferson and Adams spent the next 50 years debating ideas about how
this new nation should govern itself and what it should eventually
become. Their administrations argued philosophies and legislation.
Sometimes the two men were contentious, but later in life they seemed
to develop more of an appreciation for each other. Though they lived
far apart, they kept up through correspondence.

Surprisingly (and coincidentally), they both died the same day! Adams
is said to have uttered, just before he died, "Jefferson still lives."
He couldn't have known that Thomas Jefferson was also drawing his last

Do you know what that day was? July 4 – Independence Day. Do you know
what year? It was 1926, exactly 50 years from the signing of the
Declaration of Independence. And the coincidences don't end there.

Couriers were dispatched with the news of the great men's deaths. From
Braintree, the messenger with news about Adams traveled south.
Jefferson's messenger came north from Virginia. Do you know where they
met? In Philadelphia...under the shadow of the great hall where both
men's lives were so dramatically shaped, and where they labored to
give birth to a nation.

Coincidence? Perhaps. But historians of the day often attributed these
coincidences to providence – as a good omen for a new nation.

Our lives are full of surprises and amazing coincidences. Someone
said, "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." It's a
beautiful way of making sense of the inexplicable.

But whether or not you see the hand of providence in coincidence, life
teems with the remarkable. Learn to notice what others do not see, and
you'll never ceased to be amazed!

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