Monday, December 3, 2007


If fleet control is central to your business, what you cannot do without (that’s if you don’t already have one) is a good real time GPS tracking system in place.

A real time GPS tracking system allows a company to gain more control over company assets. Subscribers would also see a huge increase in terms of efficiency, such as driver accountability and quicker customer response time.

There are quite a few companies offering GPS solutions, so how do you go about choosing one that fits your company’s needs?

You may one to keep the following considerations in mind:-

· How much are you willing to fork out for a GPS system?

Depending on your needs, different companies offer different rates.

· Are you willing to settle for less frequent update intervals?

Update intervals vary between the different companies. @Road, for instance, offers update at every intervals of 15 minutes. There are, however, companies which provide updates at shorter intervals of 2 minutes such as GPS Insight and MARCUS by Discreet Wireless. Be prepared to pay more, though.

· Whether accuracy is an important consideration.

GPS tracking systems have come a long way since they first started. Today, it is possible to get GPS accuracies of sub-50 feet. GPS Insight, for example, has very impressive vehicle visibility accuracy at 10-20 feet.

· How long do you want to keep the GPS data?

Data report storage may be a primary concern to fleet managers. Again, different companies offer different report storage terms. The industry average appears to be 90 days. This appears to be the case for both GPS Insight and MARCUS by Discreet Wireless.

Fleet managers may want to store the data for a longer period. GPS Insight offers this type of service.

If you are new to GPS tracking systems, you may want to pay GPS Insight a visit. Click on over to the Demo section. It is broken down into Mapping Demo, Cellphone Demo, Product Demo, Routing Demo, Reports Demo and Stage Mileage Demo. This should give you a general idea of how GPS tracking systems work.

What’s great about GPS Insight is that they provide same day shipping. The GPS tracking system at GPS Insight is also largely customizable. Installation is so easy that you can do it yourself, which means no installation fees. They have a 30-day money back policy, so if you’re not satisfied, you may choose to return the product with no cancellation fee.

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