Wednesday, December 26, 2007


You know that point in your life where you actually ask yourself, "what would happen if I were to die today?" You'd probably think about things not done, words unsaid. But really. The questions you should asking yourself are, "Who's to take care of my family when I'm gone?" "And the mortgage?"It's about time you start thinking about life insurance. It's never too early, for you may not know what may happen tomorrow.

Okay. So where do you start? The (arguably) perennial favourite starting point for almost anything is Wikipedia.

Once you've gotten a rough idea what life insurance from Wikipedia (and please check your sources, people!), what next?
With so many insurance companies, it may not be wise to take on a compare and contrast all by yourself. This is where comes in. When you're there, click on the "About Life Insurance" to get a good low down on life insurance.

Then when you get a picture of what you need, you may find the Instant Life Insurance Quotes Generator greeting you at the front page a really, really helpful. By answering a few simple questions, you get a tabled premium comparison between different insurance companies. Sure beats jumping from one insurance company to another just to get quotes, huh?

If you're still stuck, just pick up the phone and call up the folks at Oh, and it's a toll free number!

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