Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I recently had a haha.js living on my laptop for months and I didn't even know it.

Truth is, you can't really run away from the many hiccups that come by every now and then when you own a pc.

If the words "PC Repairs" or "Computer Repairs" conjure an image of not seeing your pc for weeks on end (while it sits idly in some office supposedly in the process of getting "repaired"), PC Ask Me is going to change all that.All you have to do is to call them up, and their Tech Geniuses (as they are known at PC Ask Me) will guide you through the repair process.

They have a flat rate for most of the services that they offer.PC Tune Up - $125. Peripheral Device Setup - $49.

But that's not all that they offer. They also have Adware Spyware Removal, Network Security Setup and much much more.

I think it's a good deal. For the price of say, $49, you pay to setup your network security AND learn how to do it at the same time.

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