Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I just love to customize my mobile phone with fresh Hip Hop Ringtones. Making your own ringtone can be an arduous task with certain required skill set of editing audio on your computer. You also need a good sense for music rhythms to select the right portion of an audio track to convert to your Hip Hop Ringtones.

Why all the hassle and fuss when you can just get fantastic ready made Hip Hop Ringtones from! And check it out guys, they even got an insightful section on Hip Hop News to keep you abreast of Hip Hop News that matter. Browsing for your desired ringtone is easy with the browse artists function sorted alphabetically.

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Vaa said...

You can upload songs that you have on your computer and make them into ring tones easily at
It's how I got all of mine.


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