Friday, March 28, 2008


Truth be told, I’ve never heard of racquetball until today. Yes, not quite a fact that I’m exactly proud to broadcast, but hey, it’s not too late to learn.Anyway, the whole reason I brought up racquetball has to do with chancing upon this site whilst on a quest for foosball tables. It’s high time I get something to fill up my new living room; a foosball table would be awesome. Not only do they give handy tips on choosing a suitable foosball table, they also have foosball rules and strategies for you to go through.
Back to the subject of racquetball. Apparently, the game of racquetball was invented in 1948 to incorporate the best of squash, handball and tennis. If you’re looking for racquetball strategies, look no further. It’s all here, along with tips on choosing racquetball equipment.
Don’t forget to check out the videos on both racquetball and foosball while you’re there. You may just pick up a strategy or two to quash your opponent the next time around.

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