Monday, March 31, 2008


With mobile phones becoming the norm these days, there seems to be fewer and fewer households carrying landlines. It seems the most sensible anyway. Why pay over and above your mobile phone bill? But most of us would inevitably have landlines, just so we can subscribe to broadband services. There is a really cool home phone company which offers free broadband. Yup. Free.
TalkTalk is a home phone and high speed broadband company based in the UK. And they don’t just throw in some shoddy broadband service, just to reel customers in with “free broadband”. Their average download speed for their call plans is at 8mb.
For a fixed fee from £16.39 per month, you don’t just enjoy free broadband, but free landline calls too. And free international calls. A real sweet deal, if you ask me.

Check out their website. It’s clean, informative and made for easy navigation. Just type in your phone number to see if you qualify for their free broadband plan. They’ve got a 30 day trial, so you can see if their service is really for you.

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