Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is a special post for my good friend Borneo Falcon who has been covering the city of Miri on his blog Borneotips. We have known each other since our college days and he is a fantastic guy. You can see his wonderful pictures on Miri on Borneotips but this is the only place where you can see exclusive behind the scenes photos of him in action. And in case you are wondering ladies, he is a happily married man ;).
Borneo Falcon positioning himself on the edge to capture a good shot of the Miri seahorse light beacon.
Borneo Falcon doing his straight on shot on the seahorse statue.
Borneo Falcon practicing his macro photography skills on some closeups on live sea shells by the beach.
Borneo Falcon bracing direct sunlight (notice the squinting in his eyes) to capture his best shot of the sun, the sky and the sea.
Borneo Falcon steadying his trusty camera with both hands (so that he won't mess up and get blurry images) to capture the scenic view of Miri city on top of the Petronas Museum rooftop balcony.
Borneo Falcon documenting each and every mural of historical facts on how Miri got started as an oil town.
Borneo Falcon checking his feet so he has firm grounding before taking pictures of Miri's first oil well, the Grand old Lady.
Borneo Falcon taking pictures of the memorial plaque where signatures of local politicians can be seen officializing the Grand Old Lady site.

I hope you have enjoyed the exclusive coverage of Borneo Falcon behind the scenes in getting photos for his blog Borneotips. For those who got directed here from Borneotips, do come back Lifesigns Life Quotes and also visit My Love For Life Review.

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Borneo Falcon said...

Cool man! I didn't even realize that you took my photos behind my back. It's good to see my own behind the scenes. Thanks! I really appreciate it


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