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Miniature offshore vessel model - “People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy after

I like to take long walks in the cemetery. I've noticed something about the hundreds of people beneath the cemetery ground. None of them kept their bodies! They each were given a body to use -- some for a short time and some for many years. But they all gave those bodies up.

And that is true with their things, too. They came into the world with nothing and they left the things of this world behind. Everything. Their bodies; their money; their responsibilities; their families; and, all of their things!

An old story tells of a grandmother and her grandson walking the beach. The little boy spotted a dead pelican in the sand. "What happened to that bird?" he asked.

"That pelican died and went to heaven to be with God," explained his grandmother, in hopes of soothing the child.

Still puzzled, he asked, "Well, why did God throw him back?"

I rented a car recently. The rental papers indicated that the car was "dented all over." I looked closely and, sure enough, it was covered with little, round dents! Every door, the hood, the roof and the trunk were affected. The car looked as if it had been caught in a severe hail storm.

The damage was only visible upon close inspection, so it didn't particularly bother me that it was dented. I drove the vehicle for a few days and returned it to the rental agency. It wasn't my car. I knew I couldn't keep it if I wanted to.

Our bodies are like loaner vehicles. They are ours to use, but not ours to keep. We must care for them and maintain them, for the better shape they are in, the longer we may borrow them. But we will someday turn them back in. We were fortunate enough to be given bodies to use for a while, but sometime they will become sick, damaged or simply worn out, and we will need to return them.

This simple concept is one of the most transforming, comforting and freeing truths I have come to know. I have been given the extraordinary gift of a body to use for a season, and a few things of this world to enjoy for a time. But NONE of these are mine to keep. Therefore, I will guard against becoming too attached, for I know I must give it all up someday.

I can live freed from unnecessary worry about myself. It's all on loan. Mine to use well and enjoy for a time. And then, when I return it all, I will give it back in gratitude and joy, thankful that I even got to use it at all!

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