Thursday, July 30, 2009


I recently I got an opportunity to travel to Singapore for work. After a strenuous workday it is best to wind down in the hotel room and watch some movies. It is then that I realize how much I miss my DirectTV back home.

The hotel offered a few limited selection of channels but that is barely scratching the surface of what my Directv Service has available. There are about 20 channels available in total, with only 4 of which which interests me. Then again it is asking too much for the hotel to provide Direct TV for all of its guests. Such a pity, really. A spanking new plasma screen tv with not much to look forward to.

Truth be told I kept my hotel room tv set tuned to either HBO or StarMovies most of the time but it can be very inconvenient for me to stay up late just to watch some movie of interest. That is because I had to get up early the next day and be ready for work. Besides, nothing starts your day all wrong than a pounding headache all due to lack of sleep. Another strong point which makes me miss my Directv System's DVR which can record my favorite shows on demand. Luckily for me I have set it to record so I can go back home and catch up on my favorite shows on my Direct TV system. Yup, can't wait to get home.

Like Kumar (as in the Kumar in "Harold and Kumar") says: Freedom is nothing if you're a slave to regular programming.

Now the only thing missing is for someone to invent a portable Direct TV Service which can be accessed from across the globe. Then I'll be sure to bring it with me wherever I go. Nice.

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