Thursday, July 9, 2009


My cousin just gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks back. As may be expected, we are all super excited with the new addition to the family!

The new baby is going to be one month old come a few days’ time, and the family is throwing a huge party to celebrate. The new mum and dad, however, have not set up a gift registry anywhere, so we were left to figure out what kind of gifts to bring along.

You see, hand-me-downs are not uncommon in our family – don’t be surprised if you see the same bib or mitten or jumpsuit being circulated around for years! But seeing that the previous baby in the family was my other cousin who is now 18 years old, I doubt that any of the baby stuff that remains somewhere in the storeroom like the baby car seats and baby bags are gift-worthy.

After giving it some thought, I’ve narrowed down the list to either nappy bags or baby carriers. My cousin suggested that I try ShopWiki, as he had just recently purchased a pair of water shoes for his colleague's kid through the site and found the site extremely useful. He told me that he has been relying on them to source for travel and outdoor items for kids whenever an occasion requires it.

I’m glad he told me about the site! The amount of shops that were listed is a lot more that those listed in some of the other sites that I’ve visited. I was seriously spoilt for choice and could compare the products that was within my budget with ease. In the end, I decided to get them a stylish nappy bag over a baby carrier. Sure hope that the new parents find it useful to keep the nappies close by and ready to use.

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