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To all my most cherished visitors, happy new year and may the new year be a better year for all!

Chinese New Year auspicious decorations - “One should try to take inspirations from great people and engage oneself in auspicious deeds.”

"Friendly fire," or fratricide, is a military term used when troops of one nation accidentally kill their own. Fratricide has tragically become a battle­field fact of life. David Foster in "Light and Life" (July 2, 1994), tells us George Washington re­ported that during the French and Indian War, 400 casual­ties resulted from soldiers who panicked and sent volley after volley into their own ranks.

His own soldiers killed Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general during the American Civil War, in 1863 as he galloped back into south­ern lines.

Perhaps 10% of American casualties of World War II and 15% to 20% during the Vietnam Conflict were the result of fratricide -- bombs which were dropped by accident; errant rifle fire; artillery shells landing on the wrong targets.

"Friendly fire" is the cause of countless casualties even today. Not in battle, but in the workplace and on the home front. Teachers who are assailed by par­ents "burn out" in just a few short years. In-fighting within groups brings down worth­while organizations. Those in the helping profes­sions are set upon by those they try to care for. Co-workers undermine one another, at the ex­pense of productivity and emotional health. Spouses fire ver­bal (and sometimes physical) shots at one another until mortally wounded marriages fi­nally die. Fami­lies fight amongst themselves with lit­tle regard for the damage wrought.

The loss from domestic "friendly fire" can­not be estimated. Yet these casualties are unneces­sary and wasteful.

Someone said so well:

To come together is a beginning;
To stay together is progress;
To finish together is success.

Can an organization or family succeed when it sustains damages from within? The solution to the problem of loss by friendly fire is found in the word "together.' We have come together for important reasons. We are in it together. Through conflict and disagreement, we must stand together. And in the end, if we finish at all, we will finish together.

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