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My workstation in office - “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.”

A century ago, Russell Conwell traveled the United States with a speech he called, "Acres of Diamonds." He told of a young man who stud­ied at Yale to become a mining engineer. Upon gradua­tion, "gold fever" struck him and he set off to Cali­fornia to seek his fortune.

Yale had offered him a position as an in­structor, which he turned down. He persuaded his mother to sell their Massachu­setts farm and ac­com­pany him. But the trip was futile as he found no gold and eventually accepted a job in Minne­sota working for a mining company -- at a lower salary than he would have received at Yale.

More interesting is that the man who bought the family farm from the widowed mother was har­vesting potatoes one day. As he slid a heavy bushel through an opening in the stone wall, he noticed a shiny stone. He had it assayed and learned it was native silver. The farm was sitting on a fortune in silver!

Why had the mining engineer, who had un­doubt­edly passed by that same rock and others like it hundreds of times, not discovered the ore? Could it be that he never dreamed a treasure could be found so easily? Was it because he believed that one must go else­where to fulfill a dream?

What we are seeking may be found right where we are! There are certainly times to make life changes, but sometimes we must simply change our thinking. What you seek (happiness, security, fulfillment, challenge) may be at your fingertips, though yet unseen.

There may be hidden potential in your pre­sent job, your current relationships or the loca­tion in which you live. The answers to your dreams may be found at your fingertips if you only believe it is possible. Before making that big life change, look carefully around. You may be sitting on acres of diamonds!

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