Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My neighbor is somewhat of a mild hoarder. Come spring cleaning time, one would be hard pressed to find anything left outside the house for the garbage disposal guys to pick up. As for shelters and the like, he would much rather donate cash than part with his bounty.

One day I got to talking to my neighbor's uncle (we attend the same cooking class every now and then). He suggested setting up a website for my neighbor to catalog and sell some of his stuff. He didn't know much about webhosting and wondered if I could help him with the website hosting bit, while he tries pitch the idea to his nephew.

I of course was more than keen to help, because it would be nice not to risk tripping over one of my neighbor's relics when I pop over to his house to catch a football game when my TV is out.

I set about looking for some web hosting news and completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of articles available touching on web site hosting. One article that caught my attention is How to Use Social Bookmarking to Enhance Search Engine Optimization. That is one fantastic method which I plan to tap into personally.

As for my neighbor, I found the perfect article to kick start his endeavor in to the online world: Creating a Web Site in a Snap.

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