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Eating at Stall No 1 - “I have never developed indigestion from eating my words.”

It's been said well, "If you have to look at the calendar, concentrate on today's date." It doesn't hurt to look back occasionally and learn lessons from the past. And we should also look ahead and prepare for the future. But is a good idea to give today the best we've got.

Actor Sylvester Stallone once said of his acting success, "It's been a lovely ride – I just wish I'd been there to enjoy it." Have you ever felt that way? That life has been good – even great – but you weren't really there to enjoy it? He went on to say, "It's been like a blur - like trying to sightsee through a quaint New England town at three hundred miles an hour. I'd like to retrace my steps in the snow and see what I missed. I mean, I've been to Europe ten times in the past ten years, but I can't remember anything. If I didn't have some of the door keys that I took by accident, I wouldn't remember where I stayed. My whole life is door keys."

Have you ever felt like your life is…car keys? Office keys? Keyboard keys? A blur?

Older people used to tell us when we were young parents to "enjoy these years." "They go by faster than you realize," these friends would say. And most of the time I'd think, 'They can't go by soon enough!'

I've always loved my children, and I am forever grateful I am a parent. But some days I couldn't wait for them to grow up.

I remember long nights - long nights when babies were up because they couldn't sleep, or didn't feel well or just decided to use that extra time to exercise their lungs. I remember long nights - long nights lying awake waiting for teenagers to come home…listening for the car engine so I knew they were all right. And if someone would tell me to enjoy those years, I'd shake my head and think, 'I'll enjoy it when they grow up. I'll enjoy getting my life back!'

But then the boys did grow up and they left home. And do you know what? Our friends were right. Those years went by faster than I expected. They seem like a blur now…and I wonder if I enjoyed them fully.

Thomas Mann said, "Hold every moment sacred... Give each its true and due fulfillment." For these moments, I'm learning, are all we really have.

Next time I look at the calendar, I'll concentrate on today's date.

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