Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I go through these phases every once in a while that I feel like getting lucky at the casino. Since there isn't one in town, and the nearest one requires a plane ticket, I usually hit the online casino for the same thrill.

As I play these online roulette games maybe once every few months, I had this problem where my bookmarked sites are either unavailable or not as exciting as when I first paid a visit.

What I found really handy in times like these are online casino directories for games like online casino craps, and I think one of the best out there is Online Casino Spotlight. I personally don't like anything too wordy — as far as online gambling goes, the faster I get to the online casino, the better. Online Casino Spotlight does just that on its main page, with a listing of the online casinos and a percentage of their payouts and welcome bonus.
For people who prefer in depth reviews of the online casino slots, these can be found at Online Casino Spotlight too. They also have related articles such as proper slot machine etiquette and why you should protect your computer gambling online.

I think it's high time I reorganize my browser bookmarks and the first thing I'm going to remove are the online casino sites, some of which are no longer valid. All I need bookmarked is Online Casino Spotlight.

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