Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just the other day my colleague was asking me about vacation ideas for his upcoming 1 week break from work. With the recent media coverage on Tiger Woods fiasco, I recalled how my colleague is somewhat an avid golfer and suggested Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations. He quickly warmed up to the suggestion and asked me how to go about preparing for a vacation for Myrtle Beach Golf.

After searching the internet for about 10 minutes I finally got a lucky break! I found Ttimes Only which provides comprehensive information useful to plan for a Myrtle Beach Golf Package breakaway. From a generous listing of Myrtle Beach Hotel Resorts to a wide selection of Myrtle Beach Car Rentals, you can easily find the right choices to match your budget. There is also a handy FAQs section which lists down essential general information which will definitely be useful.

Without hesitation I recommended Ttimes Only to my colleague and he easily booked himself a few Golf Packages Myrtle Beach. He mentioned he especially like the detailed golf course guide on Ttimes Only.


myrtle beach vacation said...

Myrtle Beach, SC is one of the world’s premiere vacation destinations. There is something to do for every member of your family. Amusement parks, world class shows, amazing shopping, wide variety of dining choices and don't forget the astonishing beaches.

The Grand Strand (the common name for the 60-miles of coastline that makes up Myrtle Beach,) offers visitors plenty of things to do. First of all, the beach itself is the area’s most popular attraction. The beaches are wide with lots of room to sunbathe and take in the sun.

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