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Shiny cooking utensils - “Good painting is like good cooking: it can be tasted, but not explained”

I recall a story about Noah Webster (of dic­tionary fame), who suddenly found himself one day in an em­bar­rassing situation. He was caught kissing the maid in the kitchen pantry by none other than his wife.

"Why Noah!" she exclaimed. "I'm sur­prised!"

Always the semanticist, Noah replied, "No, my dear, you're amazed. I'm surprised!"

No, I don't know how they ever resolved that situation. But I do know that surprise and amazement are important if we are to make the most of life's journey. People are dying to really love life. But they have, too often, forfeited the pre­sent in or­der to worry about the future or lament the past.

Ruth Carter Stapleton wrote a succinct phi­losophy of life in 1981, which was later read at her graveside service. She said: "Time is passing. Each day is a glorious opportunity to live and enjoy. To­day I will let the past die - all the undone things, all the misjudged things.... Today, there are new pleas­ures, new challenges, new magic."

If she allowed herself to be surprised by the present, could she help but be amazed every day by the "pleasures," "challenges" and "magic" all around her? And how about you? Are you ready to put aside concern for the past and future long enough to truly experience the present?

Are you ready to be amazed?

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