Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I think everyone is bound to face some growing pains in life. One of the more common areas of growing pains is in our academics. My cousin has recently entered into college and with her mid term exams coming up, she has been constantly nagging me for some Math help. Truth to be told, it has been years since I last hit the textbooks on the subject and the syllabus has been updated since then. The next best thing is to look for a Math Tutor for her.

I fired up Firefox and searched for Free Online Tutoring. After glancing through several search results, I found myself browsing through a potential Online Tutor, TutorNext. One of the main features which caught my attention is the Math Problem Solver, just type in your question and click on the button to connect to an Online Math Tutor. According to the website, they have thousands of Math Tutors Online so we do not have to worry about waiting in queue to be tutored. With cheap rates for Online Tutor services, I will definitely recommend TutorNext to my cousin.

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