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Wooden woman statue - “Every woman is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself.”

Have you noticed that a lot of us not only want to have this thing or
that, but we want to have it NOW? I heard that the average American
spends one entire year of life watching television commercials, where
they are told again and again that they can have whatever they want
and they can have it now.

First we want it. Then we get it. Then we wonder why we wanted it.
Then we get it again.

The First National Bank in one Midwest American town came up with a
billboard advertising slogan: "Loans make life easier, at FIRST."
Yes, at first they do. But later....

I talked with a couple who will be married soon. They mentioned that
someone in the family gave them an early wedding gift: a course of
study in personal money management. They are learning to be patient
and to save their money for whatever they want. I told them that
someday they may look back on that gift with great appreciation.

There was a study about children, marshmallows and delayed
gratification. Researchers found that children who can delay
gratification by saving marshmallows until a later time turn out to be
happier and better adjusted later in life. We feel better when we are
in control of our desires and, particularly, our behaviors.

The temptation is to have it NOW. One man wrote to me and said:

I have learned that everything in life is instant gratification. I
just don't know the instant it will happen. So I just do what is
in front of me to do, be patient, and wait for that instant.

Great advice! I have two questions for you:

1. What do you want to have?
2. Can you wait?

Chances are, if you can answer yes to the second question, you will be
sure to find plenty of contentment and peace.

From Lifesupport.

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