Sunday, December 12, 2010


I recently have a block of a few days off from work and I thought of getting an early start on cleaning the house before the new year. Having done all the necessary cleaning indoors, I had some time to spare on my hands. So I thought why not spruce up my garden at the back of the house. I went to the local hardware store and bought a few cans of paint to invigorate some of my outdoor planters. When I got home, I picked up an outddor planter and decided that I would clean it before proceeding to paint. To my horror I discovered that that particular outddor planter together with most of my outdoor planters as well as the indoor planters have huge cracks in them. I then made a decision to replace all the planters.

I do not have much of a selection when it comes to planters, whether it is outdoor planters or indoor planters in my local nursery. I went online to see what kind of choices are available to me. I remembered my cousin raving about eplanters a while back so I decided to check it out. My colleague has this really nice indoor planter sitting in his office so I thought of getting something similar to put in mine. I found just the right indoor planter for myself on eplanters: a stainless steel indoor planter. Now my office seems a bit fresher thanks to the addition of a live plant.

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