Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I got a confession to make: mild hoarding behavior runs in the family. To give you guys a clearer picture, here is a good example. Last Friday during Christmas eve, the local hypermarket was having a one day blowout sale. Now in order to prevent certain people from hoarding all the discounted goods, like School Lockers at 30% off, they imposed a maximum purchase quantity of 2 items per card member.
There was a nice looking Wood Locker on sale that I was really interested in. In fact, my plan was to get 4 of the Lockers for sale to keep my ever growing collection of Japanese toys and collectibles.
Hence in order to circumvent the purchase quantity limits of the Lockers, I borrowed my uncle's membership card and paid for the 4 Wood Lockers in two transactions, at different cashier counters of course. Luckily the transactions progressed hassle free and without much mental stress as well. So now I got more room to hoard more Japanese toys and collectibles but further down the road I may need to get more Gym Lockers for storage room expansion. Now if only I can find more opportunities to expand my stream of income in order to make my plans to be realized.

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