Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The year end holidays are almost here - which, apart from the house-cleaning and shopping, means relatives from all over the country dropping by for a visit.

While I enjoy hosting house guests and whatnot, I dread getting phone calls in the middle of the day asking me directions. This is especially the case when I'm busy trying to get the house ready. The last time this happened, my famous clay pot spaghetti meatballs got burnt and we had to settle for takeouts instead.

I must admit though, that this is somewhat my fault as I hadn't gotten around to replacing my address plaque. The address sign outside my house has long discolored and is now barely legible. Hence the perennial problem of house guests squinting their eyes to make out the home address plaques in my neighborhood to locate my house.

I finally went downtown last weekend to the hardware store to check out their wall address plaques, but nothing seemed to have caught my eye. Their selection of address plaques and numbers was really nothing to shout about.

After getting back home empty handed, I decided to hit the internet to look for address signs. I was really impressed with the wide range of address plaques they have over at JUSTADDRESSPLAQUES.COM. I've already narrowed down my options to a few whitehall address plaques that they carry. Now all I have to do is to do a quick stock take in my storeroom to make sure that I don't have any address plaques hidden somewhere before checkout.

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