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Artificial decorative trees on display - “There is...an artificial aristocracy founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents.... The artificial aristocracy is a mischievous ingredient in government, and provisions should be made to prevent its ascendancy.”

I heard a funny story: A small plane with an instructor and student on board hit the runway and bounced repeatedly until it came to a stop. The instructor turned to the student and said, "That was a terrible landing you just made."

"Me?" replied the student. "I thought you were landing!"

That story may not be true, but it is true to life. Do you know who is landing your plane? Let me explain.

Who is landing your plane when it comes to values?

Bill McCartney coached the University of Colorado football team for several years. He shocked the sports world when he resigned at the apex of his career. They were more stunned by his reason for stepping away. The reason he gave for quitting was that he wanted to spend time with his wife and with religious pursuits. He showed the world who was landing his plane.

Sports writers struggled to understand. "What man gives up such power and prestige?" they asked. And there was a certain amount of power and prestige. Because of McCartney's leadership, the team achieved national prominence. The college and professional football world knew the name Bill McCartney.

"Put another way," writers also asked, "what man walks out on a $350,000-per-year contract with 10 years remaining so that he can spend time with his wife and his God?"

Writers used words like "radical" and "out of his head." They didn't get it. But Bill McCartney, in deciding to turn his back on a promising career, showed us that money does not have to drive major decisions, and we can choose to honor those things that matter.

Do you need to take charge? Maybe it's time to land your own plane.

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John Coktostin said...

That's a great story and the who is landing your plane is such a good phrase. I do believe that what make you truly happy in life is what you should pursue.


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