Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Have you guys seen the latest Inception sneak preview? I'm totally stoked! They are in the midst of filming though and it wont be out until sometime next year. Argh.

I've always dreaded the in between droughts, where there aren't any good movies showing in the cinemas. It's just a bit harder to part with my dough for a movie that's half decent just to pass time. Well, I guess it doesn't help that the H1N1 bug is still floating about. What's one to do during the weekends? I think I just found my ideal solution: Direct TV!

Thank goodness for Satellite Directv! I wasn't sure whether to continue my cable subscription or to sign up for DirectTV at first, but I finally decided to go for Direct TV Satellite after all the service interruptions I encountered with my cable.

I always prefer to customize my channel selections and Direct Satellite TV enables me to do just that! Another good reason to choose Direct TV is that I get more savings over my monthly entertainment budget due to their fantastic affordable prices. Now I have most of my entertainment needs covered right in my living room thanks to DirectTV!

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