Thursday, October 15, 2009


I know many will agree if I say that more often than not we simply cannot allocate time to do some exercises in our daily routine. One of my colleague at work proved that he can incorporate exercise into his daily routine by cycling to work. That's around 20KM daily and he gets to save the environment by reducing his carbon footprints. I think this trend will be popular in the future.

I went browsing for cycling equipment on shopwiki and learned quite a lot about the activity. I found out about functional and practical bike shoes that will greatly improve your cycling experience. You can also find various types of bicycles on shopwiki like mountain bikes, comfort bikes as well as bikes for kids which will come in handy for a family outing. For me, I prefer the hybrid over the comfort bikes due to its design and aesthetic appeal.

If I did not come across bike shorts on shopwiki, I would have just slap on any wearable and presentable pair of shorts that I got lying around for my cycling attire. Now I know that baggy bike shorts are designed with special liners that help to absorb sweat and keep you more comfortable. Thanks shopwiki!

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