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Life size Ironman promotional display statue - “The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

According to psychologist William James, we do not laugh because we are happy. But rather, we are happy because we laugh. The happiest people alive are those who know how to laugh often and well.

In his book A TOUCH OF WONDER, Arthur Gordon tells of a friend of his who knew about laughter. Though deaf and almost blind, he went right on working, laughing and making the most of his life.

One Christmas season Arthur and his friend entered a crowded drugstore. On the back of the door was a mirror, visible when the door was closed. As they turned to leave, Arthur's friend saw his reflection in the mirror. He thought the door must be open and that the figure he dimly viewed before him was a customer attempting to enter the store. He stepped aside and, naturally, so did the image. He moved forward again and once more met himself. Again he retreated.

By now an uneasy hush had fallen on the spectators. No one quite knew what to do or say. But on his third advance the man realized that he was facing a mirror. "Why," he cried, "it's only me!" He made a grand bow. "Good to see you, old boy! Merry Christmas!" The whole store exploded in delighted laughter.

And why not? Here was a man who knew how to laugh at himself! He accepted his problems and limitations with a grace and humor that was contagious.

We're given the power of laughter, not only to laugh AT things, but to laugh things OFF. We'll always know difficulties and we will never be without our share of troubles, but the happy person learns how to laugh most of them off. And that's the reason they're happy -- it's a laughing matter!

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