Thursday, October 29, 2009


My cousin has been pestering me to watch How I Met Your Mother for months now. I'm a huge Neil Patrick Harris fan, but I just can't bring myself to watch what they pass off as sitcoms these days after Seinfield ended its run sometime back.

That was about a month ago. Now I look forward to catching HIMYM every week without fail. And thanks to my cousin, I'm equally hooked on the Family Guy, American Dad, Flash Forward, Dexter and oh, Mad Men!

While it's great to do a marathon of the tv shows when they become available on DVD, nothing beats catching each episode as they air. This is where Direct TV comes in.

My current Direct Sat TV subscription is due for renewal a couple of months from now so I've been shopping around for Direct TV Packages online. I've found a few that fit the bill, but I was holding out for a better offer until I finally chanced upon their latest offer: over 150 digital channels for $29.99 per month! I took the dive there and then and I love my Direct Sat TV more ever since. I am looking forward to head back home after work each day and spend some quality time with my Direct TV.

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