Sunday, October 11, 2009


Best compass directions - “Why are we so full of restraint? Why do we not give in all directions? Is it fear of losing ourselves? Until we do lose ourselves there is no hope of finding ourselves.”

I am discovering that many people want, above all else, to live life fully. But sometimes the past prohibits our living and enjoying life to the ut­most in the present.

A schoolteacher entered his room a few minutes early and noticed a mealworm labori­ously crawling along the floor. It had somehow been in­jured. The back part of the worm was dead and dried up, but still attached to the front, living part by just a thin thread.

As the teacher studied the strange sight of a poor worm pulling its dead half across the floor, a little girl ran in and noticed it there. Pick­ing it up, she said, "Oh, Oscar, when are you going to lose that dead part so you can really live?"

What a marvelous question for all of us! When are we going to lose that dead part so we can really live? When are we going to let go of past pain so we can live fully? When are we go­ing to drop the baggage of needless guilt so we can expe­rience life? When are we going to let go of that past resentment so we can know peace?

Have you been dragging something that is dead and gone around with you? Are you ready to "lose that dead part so you can really live"?

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