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Colorful ceramic plate designs - “Your purpose is to make your audience see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt. Relevant detail, couched in concrete, colorful language, is the best way to recreate the incident as it happened and to picture it for the audience.”

In his book "Asimov Laughs Again" (New York: Harper Collins Publishers, 1993), author Isaac Asimov relates an incident when he was interviewed by television journalist Barbara Wal­ters.

She asked him how many books he had written and then asked, "Don't you ever want to do anything but write?"

He said, "No."

She pressed on. "Don't you want to go hunting? Fishing? Dancing? Hiking?"

This time he answered, "No! No! No! And no!"

She continued, "But what would you do if the doctor gave you only six months to live?"

He said, "Type faster."

Isaac Asimov spent his life doing what he loved. It was comedian George Burns who once said, "I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at some­thing you hate."

Easily said, but leaving the safety of what is known and venturing into the unknown can be one of the scariest decisions we can make. And also one of the most fulfilling.

If you no longer find satisfaction in what you do, is it time to leave the familiar behind and follow your heart?

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