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A clerk at a Philadelphia airline counter picked up the telephone
and heard the caller ask, "How long does it take to go from
Philadelphia to Phoenix?"

She was busy with another customer just then and intended to put the
caller on hold.

"Just a minute," she replied.

As she was about to press the hold button, the caller said, "Thank
you," and hung up.

We live in an age when it seems almost anything is possible. But a
trip of a couple thousand miles in a few minutes?

Our time is one of unprecedented change. I understand that 2005 was
the first year that there were more spam e-mails sent than cans of
Spam sold. And if you wonder what a can of Spam is, then you see how
much things have changed.

In a restaurant, a mother noticed her eleven-year-old daughter
staring at a movie poster on the wall. The picture portrayed
Superman standing in a phone booth. The girl's mother whispered to
her husband, "Doesn't she know who Superman is?"

He told her it was worse than that. "She doesn't know what a phone
booth is."

I heard someone mention that he believes most of the changes that
will ever take place already have occurred. I am sure that isn't so.
Our new reality is one of constant and unending change.

Some changes can be good and some we may feel are not for the best.
Most change is uncomfortable and awkward at first. But, of course,
if we don't occasionally feel awkward with what we're doing, maybe
we are not doing anything new. And unless we'd rather live in the
past, we'll be happiest learning to embrace this world of change and
to change and adapt along with it.

The world can still be a wonderful and exciting place to live. Do
you believe that? If so, change with the changes. Resist your
resistance to changing. Your attitude toward change is one of the
most important measures of determining whether you can be happy.

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