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Classy ceiling fan - “Fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.”

That all-too-quotable Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where
you are going, you might wind up someplace else." (I think that
happened to me once.)

But even if you know where you want to end up, do you REALLY WANT to
be there? I'm not talking about traveling now, but where we're going
with our lives. Is the dream you are following really that important
to you?

Most people are not lazy. They simply have uninspiring goals. They
don't accomplish what they set out to do because they lose interest.
The dream they are following is simply not that important to them.

But then I think of Dennis Oehler. He ran the 100-meter dash in 11.73
seconds. Record-holder Maurice Greene ran it in 9.79 seconds, almost
two seconds faster. So what's the big deal? Maurice Greene has two
legs. Dennis Oehler has one. One leg -- and a huge dream.

The truth is -- we are always highly motivated when something means a
great deal to us. If I fell into a deep lake and I didn't know how to
swim, I would become highly motivated in an instant. Climbing from the
lake would mean more to me than anything else in the world. My effort
would be no less than astounding and I would suddenly become one of
the most excited and enthusiastic persons imaginable.

And that goes for anything that is truly important to us. If we want
something badly enough, we will find necessary energy, excitement and
drive to grasp it.

Writer Tim Redmond says this about following worthwhile dreams: "There
are many things that will catch my eye, but there are only a few that
catch my is those I consider to pursue."

Is your dream big enough -- important enough -- to catch your heart?

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