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Stream at the beach - “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins. Not through strength, but through persistence.”

The daughter of comedian Groucho Marx was once denied admittance to an
exclusive country club swimming pool with her friends because she and
her family were not members. Realizing what had happened, embarrassed
officials sent the Marx family an apology and an application to join.
Groucho declined the invitation with the comment, "I wouldn't want to
belong to any club that would have me as a member."

Someone still tried to smooth over the incident by persuading the
comedian to allow an application to be submitted for membership. The
country club was embarrassed further when the application was denied.
The reason? The Marx family was Jewish and the club was "restricted. "

True to form, Groucho wrote back: "My wife is not Jewish. Can she go
swimming and let our daughter wade up to her waist?"

I love his use of humor, but Groucho effectively shines a spotlight on
the prevalence and absurdity of prejudice. He must have felt, as did
Sir Isaac Newton so many years earlier, that we "build too many walls
and not enough bridges."

I yearn for a time when we courageously break down those walls that
divide and build wide bridges between one another. I long for a
super-highway of compassion and acceptance spanning our differences
that will unite us as one. As we ease into a new millennium, I dream
of an age when people will finally be connected heart to heart and
mind to mind.

My greatest desire is that we somehow learn what it means to be

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