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Decorated empty stage - “Unless your heart, your soul, and your whole being are behind every decision you make, the words from your mouth will be empty, and each action will be meaningless. Truth and confidence are the roots of happiness.”

Parents often complain to me about how long it takes their kids to complete college. It seems that most attend school now for many years, though not full time. I asked one father what his son was going to be when he graduated, and he replied, "An old man."

Mark Twain said this about his own education: "I never considered myself a slow learner. I always felt that teaching just came hard to most of my instructors." But formal education is only a part of the education of a lifetime. I have had my share of formal education, but most of what I know today has been learned outside the classroom.

Cindy, a Life Support System subscriber, wrote that David Harp's book titled THE THREE MINUTE MEDIATOR (Fine Communications, 1999) contains a chapter on the Zen of "Don't Know." In it, he talks about the attitude required to learn throughout life. Harp tells a story of a scientist who visited a Buddhist teacher in order to learn about Buddhism from a "scientific" point of view. The Buddhist instructor suggested that, before they begin, they have a cup of tea. He filled the scientist's teacup to the brim. Then, after pausing for a second, he poured more tea into the cup. The scientist leaped up as the hot tea cascaded into his lap.

Thus began the first lesson: "A teacup that is too full," the Buddhist said, "can receive nothing additional. Neither can the mind."

Much can be learned when the mind is receptive (by the way, I have found scientists, as a group, to be quite open-minded). Your "life" education requires no acceptance into an accredited school -- you're already enrolled in the school of Life. There will be no grades, but the success of your living will demonstrate how well you've learned. You will be assessed no fees for your education, for the price you pay is an open mind. A closed mind learns nothing. Finally, there will be no graduation ceremony, for your instruction continues all of your life.

As Ken Keyes has said, "Everyone and everything around you is your teacher." Look, listen and learn well. Your very life depends on it.

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